Euthanasia Ethics - The Debate

There has been an ongoing debate regarding euthanasia and for more than a couple of decades this particular procedure also called "mercy killing" has divided people into a couple of groups and the verbal war is on.

The debate stems from the base of ethics and how should euthanasia be utilized. There are people who actually condemn this ‘mercy killing' procedure on the grounds that this is not the ethical thing to do. There are laws against suicide so why euthanasia a form of suicide should be allowed. On the other hand the people who support the cause say that this remains the only way of ridding the patient of his or her pain and present her with a new life in instant death. As per as the society as well as the culture are involved suicide is considered to be a grave crime. The way the society members' deal with as well as present a response to the issues of death, lifestyles and others gradually are responsible of giving the society a proper shape and a structure. A society thus formed has the immense responsibility of dealing with all the people living with it. A particular society is also responsible for clearly defining the norms and also properly drawing the lines of ethics.

There are many reasons why a debate about euthanasia rages on. Euthanasia is something of a mercy killing where the patient is relieved of his or her ongoing pain through a lethal dosage of medicines that puts him or her to an eternal sleep. Now if this should be allowed or not is the question.

Ethically if euthanasia should be allowed is also a question that has been disturbing several people for ages now. These ethical questions are of immense importance since they ultimately shape up the society in which we dwell. Such a debate regarding this mercy killing procedure first surfaced in the 80s. It is a known fact that death is something that is not new and happens all the time. Some even consider death as a necessity however when it comes to a voluntary bout of death then the controversies start taking place. Human beings are now forced to sort of re-think about the issue of death since now one can die anytime he or she feels like. The ethics of dying are really important and one needs to deeply analyze the causes as to why this debate exists. Life expectancy has been increased thanks to the excellent medical progression. However there are several diseases that are still incurable or there are many types of diseases that cause untold misery to the patient. So should euthanasia be allowed as a form of ‘remedy' that would help the patient is the big question that has plaguing the world these days. There are doctors who support this and wish it to be accepted from an ethical point of view but then again there are people who think if this is allowed then this would simply mean the violation of the ethics and the very society that exists on these ethics might crumble down to nothingness.